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If you live in the London area or you don’t live in the London area but want to travel, Hwang Jang Lee is going to be doing a Q&A in September! Yes, Hwang Jang Lee; the villain from “Drunken Master,” the king of kickers! Here’s the recently released announcement…

EASTERN HEROES PRESENTS…with SENI COMBAT  We got our special guest… HWANG JANG LEE! Q&A, AUTOGRAPH SIGNINGS & SEMINAR Star and villain of countless Movies, including “Drunken Master,” “Snake in the Eagles Shadow,” “Hit Man in the Hand of Buddha,” “Secret Rivals 1&2” and many more! Still super fit, he is still a force to be reckoned with. This will be one event that you have to ATTEND. It’s not every day we get blessed with the presence of such an idolised Martial Arts star. Your chance to meet and greet the Legend, at this Years Seni Event. 13th and 14th of september at London’s Soccerdome, next to the O2. It’s early days, but I will outline what we plan to do over the weekend. On the Saturday we will do a Q&A with Hwang talking about his career, both on and off screen. There will be a meet and greet and the chance to get a photo and an autograph. On the Sunday we will do a seminar; a sort of “Art of High Impact Kicking.” Places for this will be between 30 to 40, held in the main arena. Plus signings and meet and greet. I hope you can spread the word so we can give Hwang the reception he deserves. You can book your place by messaging Ricky Baker on Facebook or by email: Tickets are £20.00 and this will give you access to the Bruce lee Tribute weekend and all areas of the event. Rick Baker, Toby Russell and Steve Kerridge.

Unfortunately, living in the US, I won’t be attending this but I urge all kung fu cinema fans of to get their tickets now. It’s HWANG JANG FUCKING LEE. The man that’s so iconic I use him as my Tumblr avatar.I’m actually livid that I won’t get to see this. This is one of the few chances fans will get to meet a legend of the genre.
If you do go, take an iPad and show him just how much I post about his films on my blog. That’ll probably be enough for me to die happy.

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Keep your fists hot, your head cool, and remember the basics

— Coach Kamogawa - Hajime No Ippo Rising (via thelastinterceptor)